Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Battle for Souls is Real and Rages on!!     
“For our battle is not against flesh and blood but against the…spiritual forces of evil in the heavens.”  Ephesians 6: 12
 I am beyond blessed to be continuing in the good fight of faith in Mwanza, Tanzania, so that others can know how to be TRANSFORMED through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  2015 has not turned out to be the year I expected--to say it’s been difficult is an understatement--but God’s ways are not my ways and He is working all things together for my good because HE called me here to accomplish His purposes!!  I knew before I left TZ last year that the spiritual war was in full swing—and I was not wrong!  In the USA in February, surprise gallbladder removal and another surgery had me in and out the hospital 8 days—the battle followed me there!  I was finally able to return to TZ in April and I was too ready to get home to see if all was still standing, animals were alive and to get back to work! I made it back where all was well and alive!  But the spiritual battle is still raging on— so keep reading to know more and find out how you can help!
Emelia, Cindy, and I visiting Auntie, Anet, Anicet

Last day and last lesson at church with the volunteers
In June, Cindy and Emelia from Alabama came and blessed us immensely with their ministry to the kids, youth---and to me!  We visited and encouraged families, taught Bible studies and Saturday and Sunday School. Pray those we prayed with will be encouraged and those taught that God's Word will continue to be real in their lives!

How cool was it that Cindy and Emelia came prepared to teach on Daniel and while in the Serengeti we literally broke down in the LIONS' DEN!?  God kept us safe and made that story more real than we ever wanted it to be!  Here’s the last pic taken before the tire fell off the vehicle--you only see one lion but there were over 10 hiding in the bushes and tall grass!!  Our adventure furnished these volunteers with quite a valuable lesson and testimony to share here with the kids and back in Alabama: Trust and obey God no matter what and He WILL protect you--He is faithful!

One VISIBLE lion--can you spot him? But how many hiding!?!

YIKES!  Bolts gone and axle broken!

Joy's big smile!
The day after they left, we were devastated to learn that one of our precious children, Joyce “Joy” Juma, had gone to be with Jesus—she had just been here for Bible Study the week before.  There was no accurate diagnosis but she at least had typhoid and malaria that went untreated until it was just too late.  Had anyone known how sick she was we would have made sure she received the proper treatment!!  We don’t understand why God took her from us, but it was obviously His will.  Since she was always so full of life and strength before her shocking sudden death, I am continuing discussions with the kids about what her death can still teach us.It has put everything into perspective for us!  I want them to know that we never know what life has in store so we must be ready to stand before God.  And we can only spend eternity with Him and our sweet friend through faith in Jesus Christ.  We know her joy is complete, but we still miss her infectious smile and bubbly laughter here every week! Please pray for her family, our community and all of us as we continue to mourn her loss!  
Love these little girls! We miss you, Joy!!

SMALL GROUP BIBLE STUDIES:  So many are faithfully attending Bible studies at my house every week to hear the Word and be discipled!  And even when I’m not feeling well, God gives me strength enough to teach them!!  Monday: little girls, averaging 24 kids!
Tuesday: little boys—sometimes over 30!
Thursday: youth girls but attendance is low since end of the year tests are coming up in September. Please pray for their studies!   
And the highlight of my week--Saturday older youth!!  What a blessing to have 11-16 youth worshiping, praying and studying the Bible in my home! Oh how they encourage ME!!  Pray for us as we just started a new study on spiritual warfare.  We are training to fight the fight!

HOUSE:  I signed my lease to stay in the same house for another year.  Even though I wasn’t reimbursed for anything I fixed and am still fixing….they didn’t raise the rent!  Since it was the same as last year and the Tanzanian Shilling has dropped so low in value compared to the US Dollar, I think I may yet break even! Amen! 

MY HEALTH:  After 2 unexpected surgeries that proved to be rough on my immune system, by April-May I was improving.  In June at Joy’s funeral I contracted typhoid and I am still not 100%.  I think I am disease and parasite-free, but all the meds took their toll and my immunity is still low.  I am praying I am now back to post-gallbladder adjustment only.  It is frustrating to feel so bad so often and not to be able to do all the things I had planned this year.  But God knows that and He is still in control!  Please pray I continue to get stronger so I can do His work here!! 
Me in front of the EMPTY field last year!
MY NEIGHBORHOOD:  Last year there was an empty field in front of my house but not anymore--the entire field is walled in and this m*squ* is UP!  It’s the turreted structure in the pic taken from inside my wall. Any day now speakers will begin blaring the hideous call to prayer to the WRONG god!  They are relocating a M*sl*m school from down the road and planning to build a health clinic, too!  Don’t know what effect it will have on my ministry or me, but I know it intensifies the spiritual battle in full force already!  Pray for God to keep me safe and give me wisdom to continue to be a LIGHT as darkness encroaches.

View of the FULL field from inside my gate right now
A VEHICLE: Although mostly I can ‘walk to work’ and much work ‘walks to me’, I still need a vehicle! Public transport is an exhausting all-day experience since I am far from town, basic needs, medical care and all else.  And my ‘road’ is a series of ditches and deep ruts, so I need a 4-wheel drive.  I have some seed money, but the time I set aside to fundraise was spent in the hospital and recovering this year! So please pray God would stir hearts to give to my truck fund! Let me know if God is prompting you to give! 

TANZANIAN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION:  Elections are scheduled for October; two candidates are running and it could get ugly.  One of them came to town this week so the mob converged on the airport nearby, blocking the road into town. They called in the army and for 2 hours tear gas bombs went off so close I thought I’d smell them—but I didn’t!  That’s how they handle crowd control in Tanzania, folks!  Pray the campaign, election and aftermath are PEACEFUL! Pray the right man, God’s man, gets elected so that Tanzania will continue to be the most stable country in the region!
Taken when we first started small groups!And now we have 24!
                As you can see, the battle is raging and there’s plenty of God’s work left to do in Ilemela, Mwanza, Tanzania for our ministry, TRANSFORM TANZANIA! If you are not yet my ministry partner, please pray about becoming one!  Know when you give or pray, you are as much a part of this ministry as I am!  Without you, I would not be here and God's work would not continue here! May God bless you and your family abundantly for your sacrificial gifts for His work!  And of course for your faithful prayers for widows, orphans and vulnerable children—and me—in Tanzania! Keep up with us on my “Transform Tanzania” Facebook Page at! 
                                                                            Much love in Christ, Kay and the Kids
Ready to join God’s work in Tanzania?  Want to give to my truck fund? All tax-deductible donations go through First Baptist Church of West Monroe. Make your check out to "First West" and write "Transform Tanzania" on the memo line (not my name). Drop it by the church office, put it in the offering plate or mail it to “First West Business Office, 500 Pine St. West Monroe, LA 71291.” Automatic withdrawal/Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is available.  God bless you and thank you!

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