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 “For You are great and do wondrous things; You alone are God.”  Psalm 86:10

It has been an overwhelming 6 months for Kay Frost and Transform Tanzania!  It’s October 24, 2014 and I am now settled in Ilemela, the neighborhood where Nyanza Baptist Church and the kids and families I serve live!  I left the Lake Victoria house (and car) in June when the family I rented from returned from the USA.  I had planned to go to the USA myself July-August to see ya’ll and do some fundraising, but God changed my plans!  My home church, First Baptist, West Monroe, LA, sent a mission team in September, so I stayed, found a house, got it ready and went to work preparing for their arrival.

My new house!
I spent June-August supervising the repairmen who came to renovate the house (and those making my furniture which must be made to order).  Ah, the joys of renovating in Africa!  Will surely exercise your prayer muscles!! They were supposed to be finished before I moved in but weren’t.  Had to move in anyway and then they didn’t want to finish!  And when they finally showed up, much of what they did was poor work.  So I had to find new repairmen and pay out of my own budget!!  And well, let’s just say the house has (present tense) major problems they failed to disclose when I signed the lease!  But it looks great in the pic, doesn’t it?

My Big Bible Study Boys helping with the tank
One thing mostly fixed—the plumbing!  Had very little water my first 2 months here because the pipes to the water main were too far away, mostly above ground and always breaking! So I had to get a storage tank (for when it did work) and that was not in my budget! But through your dedicated prayers and our faithful God, I received the funds to build it, the landlord paid to connect me to a better water main and that tank is now FULL!!  And what a blessing when my big boys came to help set it up!  So overwhelmed at God’s miraculous provision for water!   Now the electricity is not working properly: power surges running up my meter yet not running my appliances! They are all equipped with surge protectors that end up keeping them turned off so they don’t burn up!  Scary! Pray they come to fix it soon, please!!! 

And to think I didn’t choose the other house I looked at because it was smaller and newer, had no glass windows, security issues, higher rent and I didn’t want to spoil myself with the peace and quiet of a breathtaking view of Lake Victoria!  What I am paying out now is making up the rent difference!  And my security issues are not fixed yet here.  Last week a rainstorm blew a window right off the house-no more glass on that one!  God is good, He is in control and He provides for all my needs—especially through your prayers and your financial support!!  But I wanted you to have examples of the house issues so you will KEEP PRAYING and GIVING!!  It has been exhausting and definitely overwhelming!!  But it could be worse—love having WATER!  And where on earth would I be WITHOUT your prayers and funds—scary?!!  Daily, I pray for patience (which I obviously haven’t gotten the hang of since I keep getting opportunities to use it). Daily, I pray for God’s favor with my landlord to fix things they should have done in June and the new issues cropping up (especially the ones I am SURE they knew about before I moved in but didn’t fix).  I pray for God to give me the strength (and the funds) to deal with it all.  And—best comes last— then I count my blessings! Ready to hear some of those OVERWHELMING Psalm 86 WONDROUS BLESSINGS?!!  Start counting!
Teaching the girls in the outdoor classroom

God chose this house for me because it is THE best for MINISTRY!!  Smack dab in the middle of everybody I minister to!  We now have all our small group Bible Studies at MY house:  Monday little girls, Tuesday little boys, Thursday teen girls, and Saturday older youth!  And it’s a 10 minute walk to church for Wednesday Ladies Bible Study, Saturday Backyard Bible Club and Sunday Church!    I have a HUGE yard for the kids--have to kick the boys out after Bible Study or they would play soccer all night!
GOAL??!! Boys playing soccer at dusk after Bible Study

It already had a big concrete slab outside so we built a grass roof and added benches for an outdoor classroom.   
Joyce, Mission Team, Pastor and I on the new church land

In September the house was a SUPERNATURAL BLESSING while my mission team from First West was here. They stayed with me and we had plenty of water, the electricity worked the whole time and no one got sick once!  I told them they had a very unusual African experience, bathed in prayer for such protection and provision!!!
Paula sharing the Gospel with a soccer ball
New undies from First West and Friends! THANK YOU!

Susan teaching on "Praying for Your Children at Ladies Seminar

Ramona directing the serving of LOUISIANA GUMBO to the ladies


Kids coming forward to get saved and for prayer at evangelism seminar
Praying for the sick
What an an OVERWHELMING WEEK serving our WONDROUS God, shining the LIGHT of Christ in dark areas all over Ilemela and seeing God move in the hearts of so many! Pray God continues to use me to water all the seeds planted and disciple the new believers, especially among the kids and youth who come to my weekly Bible Studies!

Prayer Needs:

This House:  As you read, there are still serious issues with my house and they must be fixed as soon as possible.  As I type, I am waiting for the landlord’s agent (also an electrician) to come and fix things that should have been fixed before I moved in in June.  Praying he will show up to fix the destroyed lightning/grounding rod, whatever is causing the dangerous power surges and put in switches outside so my guards can turn on the security lights.  I will honestly say this house is draining my funds and my energy—takes me away from ministry--waiting all day for repairmen to come!  Goes like this: I call/text and ask him to come.  He doesn’t show so I call/text and he answers “tomorrow,” doesn’t show again or gives another day, I ask again then no answer at all.  Or he will show up after a few days in the middle of Bible Study time or when I’m finally trying to go get something else done, look at the problem, leave, saying he will call the landlord to send money and come back when he gets it.  Then the whole cycle starts all over again…since June.  I’m tired, ya’ll—so tired! Just trying to get safe stable electricity, running water and secure shelter.  Please pray the major items are resolved and I can have some peace!

Our Church: We have land to build a new church but still don’t have the government’s permission or the funds to start building.  But more important than the building is the building up of The Church, The Body of Christ at Nyanza Baptist Church.  Pray the Holy Spirit will change hearts from “busy Marthas” to “sitting at Jesus’s feet Marys”!  Pray our church members, young and old, male and female; would hunger and thirst for the Word of God, for Jesus Himself.  Pray they would live righteous lives by God’s grace. Pray The Church would be the LIGHT of Christ they are called to be on this hill.  

My Neighbors: I am in a new neighborhood full of strangers; most of our kids and caregivers live in the area, but not on my ‘road. There is also a mosque with a Muslim school at the end of my road.  There’s ‘local medicine’ (witchcraft) for sale at the minibus stand down the street and screaming children I can hear from inside my house.  Such lostness is overwhelming sometimes.  Pray for God to give me guidance on how to share the love of Jesus with the neighborhood kids and their parents. Pray that Christ would give me strength to be a LIGHT and He would bring peace to this dark, dark place.

A Vehicle: Even though I can ‘walk to work’, I don’t have a vehicle and I am far from town and getting the basics or going to the doctor or doing anything else is an all-day experience.   Goes like this: walk to the minibus stand; takes an hour to get to town.  Walk all over town to the few grocery stores, open market and random shops to get what I need (no Walmart type stores or mini-malls, no grocery carts).  Haul it back home on the minibus made for 12 people crammed with 25!  Try to make it home before 3:30 PM when the kids arrive for Bible Study!  Pray God would provide funds for me to buy a vehicle--a 4-wheel drive!  My ‘road’ is already washing away in rains that won’t officially end til May! I am currently raising funds to specifically purchase a vehicle, so please be praying about that!  

Folks, there’s plenty of God’s work left for us to do in Ilemela, Mwanza, Tanzania to TRANSFORM it for Christ! If you are not yet my ministry partner, please pray about becoming one!  Know that when you give or pray, you are just as much a part of this ministry as I am!  Without you, I would not be here and God's work would not continue through me here! May God bless you and your family abundantly for your sacrificial gifts for His work here and for your faithful prayers for widows, orphans and vulnerable children—and me—in Tanzania! Keep up with us on my “Transform Tanzania” Facebook Page at! 
Much love in Christ, Kay and the Kids

Ready to join God’s work in Tanzania?  All donations go through First Baptist Church of West Monroe and are tax-deductible. Make your check out to "First West" and write "Transform Tanzania" on the memo line (not my name). Drop it by the church office, put it in the offering plate or mail it to “First West Business Office, 500 Pine St. West Monroe, LA 71291.” Automatic withdrawal/Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is available.  Email me at for more information or if you have any questions!

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