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On August 1st I became a missionary with Willing To Go, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) missions organization; check out our website at  The change has been coming all year and took longer than expected, but all in God’s timing! Before I left Louisiana, I was advised to find a new way of receiving my support because my home church’s auditors recommended they no longer receive/pay out my funds.  First West is still my home church and I am still one of their missionaries; they still support my ministry financially, too!
Shadrack and I are sending y’all big smiles!!

 I have been in Mwanza, Tanzania for over 3 years now working with a church I attended here in 2005-2006.  For nine years they’ve had a ministry project for orphans and vulnerable children financially supported by Canadian Christians.  I’ve been discipling and counseling the kids and families and even helping the Canadians better understand TZ.  In April they ended the project because the director, church leaders, some parents and even kids weren’t following rules and weren’t faithful with funds.  I’ve been in the middle of it all since I came, but it’s still been so hard, especially for the kids and others who were faithful. God knows all and HE is in control!  PRAY for the pastor, director, kids, families and church: to repent of any sin, be reconciled to God and depend fully on Him! PRAY for those truly in need! And PRAY for me as I continue ‘helping’ those He asks me to without fostering dependence.  GOD is the True Provider for us all!   
Teaching with Rachel and Rebekah, who came to see us!
I am excited to see what God has planned as I continue serving Him in TZ with Willing To Go, Inc.  Instead of my job decreasing it’s increasing! I teach Bible class at the church kindergarten and Children’s Church on Sundays. In 3 months I had 2 unexpected mission teams and now I’ve started teaching Bible and English classes at Mwanza Baptist Secondary School (where I taught in 2006)!  And of course, I still have Bible studies 4 times a week at my house with kids from the church and neighborhood—up to 150 a week!  Most are unchurched, with unchurched families--even M*sl*ms come to hear the Gospel!  These studies are still the heart of my ministry and my true JOY!  Please PRAY kids keep coming, especially the M*sl*ms! PRAY for church members to help me share the Gospel and minister to the unchurched FAMILIES! PRAY God raises up folks to help me during the week and to be trained to do what I do! And please PRAY for me as I teach school!  For me, Bible studies to 50 kids a day are easy compared to teaching HIGH SCHOOL English to 50 youth!

Miora and I and the new SUV!!
 Big blessing announcement: I GOT A VEHICLE—I wasn’t planning to get one until my Residence Permit came in (it still hasn’t so PLEASE PRAY it does ASAP!). But God provided me with an opportunity to bless Miora, who needed to sell her car to leave TZ. By telling her exactly WHO was prompting me to help her, I was able to minister to her and her family and lead her to Jesus! Obviously, HIS PLAN was for me to buy HER car!  THANK YOU so much for giving and to the LORD for providing!  I will break it in when I travel 12 hours south August 29th for a week at the National Baptist Convention of TZ.  I am thrilled to have been invited there to encourage pastors and church leaders to make kids and youth a PRIORITY in their churches, especially the orphans and vulnerable kids in their communities! Please PRAY for Miora and family!  PRAY for me as I travel in my new ride!  And PRAY Baptist leaders prioritize evangelizing, discipling and ministering to ALL the kids and youth they can find! 

Now that I am with Willing To Go, I have more work to do and more support to raise! Your help means EVEN MORE now and it’s even easier to give. You can send a check, use a credit card, use PayPal or do EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) directly from your bank! Instructions on how to give are provided below or go to! Join me as I’m still WILLING TO GO to TRANSFORM TANZANIA for the Kingdom of God!      
Thank you for your prayers and financial support!  Email:!  Follow me: Instagram kayintz; Twitter @kayintz.  For weekly updates, pictures & videos, like my “Transform Tanzania” page at                                                                                                              
                                                           God bless you! We love you! Kay and the Kids

How to give to my ministry through Willing To Go, Inc.

Willing To Go, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3). All donations are tax deductible and receipts will be mailed to you at the end of the year. See more at: Willing To Go, Inc. takes out 10% of your donation for administrative costs. There are three ways to give to my ministry through Willing To Go, Inc. and you can find them at
1. Check or money order. Make checks payable to Willing To Go, Inc. and please write on the memo of your check: “Kay Frost (account #F001).” Send your check to

Willing To Go, Inc.
P.O. Box 90006
Chattanooga, TN 37412

2. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). EFT is an automatic debit from your bank account. You decide how much you want to give and it is automatically deducted from your bank account once or twice a month. To obtain the form and directions, please leave a comment on this blog and I will be in touch!

3. Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account, go to to set one up. It is a very simple secure method of payment; it can be used for purchasing almost anything online, also. When you give thru Paypal you have the option to give a one-time donation through your bank or your credit card. You also have the option of setting up recurring donations like EFT/automatic withdrawals through your bank or credit card.
**Please note: Once you enter the amount you want to give, the next link will give you an “add special instructions to the seller” line. Please click on this and enter “this donation is for Kay Frost, account #F001.” Otherwise your donation will go into the general Willing to Go, Inc. fund instead of directly to my ministry.

4. Credit Card. You can also give a recurring monthly gift by credit card through the Moonclerk service on the Willing to Go website or go directly to this link It will also give you the option to “Select a Missionary” and you will see my ministry there, “Kay Frost (account #F001).” It has set amounts provided and if the amount you wish to give is not provided there, you could do multiple debits or you might rather use the Paypal option (#1 above). Remember, if you do not select me, the money will go into the general Willing to Go, Inc. fund instead of directly to my ministry. Note: 4% of your donation is taken out as a fee by Moonclerk.

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  1. Yay!!! praising God with you for how He has moved. And what a great opportunity to teach at "kona ya Bwiru." :-)