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#AdventuresinArusha & #AdventuresoutsideArusha

Hope this finds you doing well! God is FAITHFUL, as are so many of YOU, to get my budget to 100% so I could come back to Tanzania and get to WORK!  I arrived in May and hit the ground (and the roads) right away! I have been all over the country teaching kids and training Sunday School teachers! 
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So here's what I've been up to:
This video is of the kids at Mwandeti Baptist Church reciting the 6 characteristics of God
May: My ministry partner, Sarah Samweli, and I taught kids at Mwandeti Baptist Church.  We had fun teaching the 6 characteristics of God and how to search for them in every Bible story.  We also taught a song, complete with motions, to remember it! There were at least 150 kids that day—A LOT!  Most churches are smaller and have less than that, but their head teacher, Lazaro, is great with them! Sarah and I taught in Swahili; then he translated into the Masai language since many of the kids haven’t been to school and don’t know Swahili!  The 'building' were are in used to be the church but is now the Sunday School room.  They built a big nice concrete church to worship in!  For For more pics and videos of Mwandeti click here
Teaching at Mwandeti with Lazaro
June: I accompanied some volunteers from the USA who came to work with my friends, Michael and Juliette Nhonya. We visited a school in Arusha, where I translated for one of the volunteers.
Teaching with Aaron from NC at the school
Then went to Longido village to visit a new Masai Baptist church there—so new it’s still under a tree! It was awesome and I can’t wait to go back and teach their Sunday School teachers!
The next day we went waaaaaaaaay out to Tukusi village to meet with a Masai ladies group. Tukusi is way out in the bush; we crossed 4 or 5 dry river beds to get there! We weren’t sure we were going to make it, but they were happy to see us finally (only took us 4 hours) arrive! Loved hearing the ladies sing!  Click here to hear them singing!

Church under the tree in Longido
Women and children of Longido

Young Tukusi woman leading worship
July: I drove to Morogoro district, Tunguli village, to do a weekend women’s seminar with the Nhonyas. They are both from this village and it was fun meeting their families!
Tunguli kids and me: look at those smiles!!!
It was a LONG way (10 hrs to town then 4 more hours to the village!) It was bush living and eating that weekend as we taught women and kids during the day and Michael showed evangelistic movies at night!  Click here for Video of Tunguli kids singing
August: I drove to Tanga (10 hrs) on the coast of the Indian Ocean, to teach my very first Sunday School Teachers Training: 25 ladies attended representing 8 churches. We had 2 days of training where they learned how to teach God’s Word to their kids and received a book with a whole YEAR of lessons! Pray for these churches, teachers and their kids!  
Me and my students in Tanga
September: Just completed my second Sunday School Teachers Training here in Arusha; Sarah helped me teach 17 men and women from 10 local churches.  Even Lazaro from Mwandeti attended! Pray for these churches, teachers and their kids!        
Arusha teachers with their new teacher's Sunday School books
October: Sarah and I will go to Dodoma (7 hrs) to the East African Baptist Women’s Union Meeting. We will see women from multiple countries and I hope to get the chance to share about children’s ministry. Sarah has asked me to translate when she speaks, so maybe I WILL get the chance! Please pray for that trip and all the attendees! We hope to do one more teachers training before I return to the USA in November to spend the holidays with my family! Please pray for that training (probably in Longido).  
Sarah and I outside her house
Also, please pray that my Tanzanian immigration documents arrive before I need to leave! They are already overdue! That's always a nailbiter, every 2 years!!  
          Thank you for so faithfully praying for my ministry and for giving generously!  YOU funded ALL these trainings:  the gas for me to go, the food and board for me and all the participants, and you even the materials provided—a whole year’s worth! All the teachers thank you, their churches and kids thank you and so do I!  God bless you!   
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