Saturday, February 10, 2018

Kay’s #AdventuresinArusha to #TransformTanzania

Can you GO to Tanzania? Maybe not! Can you help SEND me? ABSOLUTELY!!

Guess what—I’m still in the USA, if you didn’t already know!  I’m usually back in Tanzania by now, but God had His own plans!!  I came home for the holidays in November and Daddy told me he was having open heart surgery on 12/4/17! I was blessed to be full-time nurse, cook and caregiver for him and Mama. He was a star patient and is back to his usual activities, including taking great care of Mama! I provide help as needed, but it’s not much anymore and that’s the way they like it!  Hmmm, wonder where I get my independent spirit!?  God is good and has taken great care of my family! Thank y’all for your prayers; they are still being answered! And since I get a message a week from TZ asking, “When are you returning to teach us?”  I have started working to make that happen!!! Please pray for me!! 


Teaching at the Convention
Njiro Baptist Church in Arusha
To update, my new ministry as a Children’s Ministry Mobilizer started well in my new city of Arusha, Tanzania.  In July at the Baptist Women’s Convention, I taught and did research to find out IF they had children’s programs, WHAT they are doing, WHICH materials they use, HOW I may be able to help, etc.  I learned their ministries range from a few “Sunday Schools with materials” to more “Bible stories but no Bible” and more “nothing yet.”  And with over 75% of the congregations under the age of 25, there is much less children’s ministry than I imagined! There are 58 million people in TZ---37 million of them are under 25(over 60%).  They must be reached for Christ! The goal is for them to be DISCIPLES of Christ, established in His Word!  I’m overwhelmed with the need for kids’ teachers!  Pray the churches will prioritize their kids!

Sarah, on the left and our pastors' wives students
Now let me tell you about Sarah who leads the Baptist Pastors’ Wives Training Program. She spent 10 years traveling the country with a missionary learning all there is to know about women’s ministry! She retired but Sarah is continuing to travel and train.  But children’s ministry is not her area—enter ME!  What an answer to prayer we are for each other!  Before I left, she invited me to teach at Mt. Meru University, the former Baptist Seminary. I taught pastors’ wives how to start a Children’s Ministry and teach Sunday School.  The material she gave me was printed in 1982!! We will have to work on that! Then she recruited me to teach “True Love Waits” a Biblical abstinence program to prevent HIV/A
Teaching the pastors "True Love Waits"
IDS, still the #1 cause of death among adults.  I taught it often to youth (years ago) but it was my first time to teach it to adults—and PASTORS at that!  But I got to share the vision God has given me for children’s ministry; I encouraged them to prioritize the next generation RIGHT NOW!  And they were so receptive, issuing invitations to us train their church leaders! God is good! To Him be the glory!! 
Mt. Meru University is not the only place church leaders can train; there are branches in other TZ cities.  So Sarah and I will also be traveling there!!  But these training centers are still too far away and too expensive for everyone who wants training, so we will go out into the villages, too!  Sarah
Sarah and I will get to know this road very well!
has collated all of the research I gathered from the churches at the Women’s Convention and is IMPATIENTLY waiting for my return so we can get to work on this God-sized task!
Please pray for us and other Tanzanian Baptist leaders who are committed to training the churches!  

BUT before I can return, I must raise the rest of my budget.  I’m currently at 60% so I have 40% to raise, about $2800/month.  I am actively fundraising: making personal appointments with prospective givers, confirming current financial partners and speaking to Sunday School classes, groups and others. If you are currently giving, please consider increasing your gift amount.  If you have ever considered joining my ministry team as a financial partner, now is the time!  If God isn’t urging you to give, please continue to pray for my ministry! If you have any questions, want to get together or are ready to join my support team, don’t hesitate to contact me at, or send me a message through my Facebook page, Transform Tanzania .  I can’t wait to tell you more about what God is doing in Tanzania! Click here to see a video of my presentation:
Masaai children who need Sunday School teachers!!

Those 37 million children in Tanzania need to hear the Gospel, be discipled and learn how to share Christ with others!! I can’t possibly reach them all, but for every teacher I train, only God knows how many children will be reached for His glory! And one day we will find out how we helped make e that possible together! Thank you for joining in God’s work in TZ by praying and giving! 

To give now click here:  Willing to Go's Website

God bless you!  Kay       

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