Sunday, May 12, 2013


Got a house!  Got a plane ticket!  Got 70% of my monthly support!  Isn't God great?!?
Wanted to update you on all my progess!

Since my last post on April 15th, things have been moving swiftly along!  I 
have sent out a newsletter, been meeting with faithful friends and supporters to get my support raised and I am currently at 70% of my monthly budget!  I have been overwhelmed at the support and generosity of everyone!  I still have 30% to go and can't wait to see who else will join my team!  

It took two weeks to have a garage sale and we raised $2500!  It was a good turnout, but wow was a ton of work!  Thanks to all who helped and came out and bought things!  Still have some gorgeous draperies and fabrics, and some great clothes and dishes for sale! Let me know if you want to see more!

Fabrics still for sale
Garage Sale

That same week I got bronchitis--took 6 meds and four shots to get well--and I turned another year be leaving or older, May 9th!  Spent my birthday at the doctor's office but it was worth it! Feeling much better!  That was also the day I got my ticket!  Best birthday present of all--on 6/7/13 I will be flying out of Monroe headed to Mwanza!  WHOOHOO!!!

And more great news is that I have a house to rent in Mwanza!!  When I was in Mwanza in December, I visited some missionary friends who are returning to the USA from July 2013-May 2014.  I was distressed to hear that they weren't going to be there, but it has worked out to help both of us because I will be able to stay in their home while they are gone! It is right on Lake Victoria and in town--not far at all from where my two Tanzanian daughters, Jackie and Veronica, live! Of course, Veronica has already called to ask when she can move back in with Mama!   26 days and counting until I leave for Mwanza!!
Front of house
View of Lake Victoria from front yard    

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