Monday, April 15, 2013

12/12/12 and 6/7/13?
Last summer when I renewed my passport, I did not yet know when-how-or what-God was going to do to get me back to Mwanza to work with Nyanza Baptist Church and the Orphans and Widows of Nyanza (OWN).  But when you apply or renew your passport, you have to write a date in the box marked "when you will be travelling internationally."  So, I picked the coolest upcoming date I could think of--12/12/12. I WANTED to go to Mwanza in December 2012, but I had no idea how I was going to get there--then when I realized I WAS GOING, I had a much different (and cheaper) date in mind. After three meetings with my boss, the only date that would work for my job was 12/12/12! I didn't know I would be going that date, but God did!  Finally I am set to GO! back to Mwanza to stay!  So, now I need a June date! 6/7/13---6+7=13--I like that one!  Especially since the two Canadian couples who raise support for the orphans themselves will be in Mwanza on 6/14/13!  I want to be there when they come to see the program in action since we will all be working together for our orphans and widows in Mwanza!

Jan, Jeanne, Canadian sisters and me

Since I returned from my vision trip in December, I have been working towards my goal to get back to Mwanza as soon as possible, but the devil IS in the details!!!  Trying to make things complicated of course!  I had to find out if I could be a part of another organization's work in the area, start my own non-profit organization here or there or if any of those things were even necessary.  Turns out, they are not!  It has taken 6 months to find all of that out, but God has His own timing and He finally showed me what He wants me to do!  But before He got THAT all straightened out....

Bootcamp and partners in the GREAT NORTHWEST!!
In March, I went up and over--to Portland, OR to attend a support raising "bootcamp" through The Center for Mission Mobilization.  If you are involved in any kind of personal support raising for ministry, whether doing it for yourself, an organization, or supervising someone who is, you MUST attend this seminar! It was life-changing and truly opened my eyes to what the Bible says about God's workers and how they are to be supported to fulfill His vision for the world to know Christ.  Aren't we blessed to get to work for God when He doesn't even really need us to accomplish His plans. Find out more about this great seminar at

Me, Steve, Janie, Michele at Oregon Coast
In Oregon, I spent time with some wonderful friends from Greater Gresham Baptist Church that I met in Tanzania when they came for a mission trip in 2006.  Steve and Michele Snyder and daughter, Janie, treated me just like family--but better!  I so appreciate them opening their home up Sunday afternoon for folks to come and hear about my ministry! Was so much fun to catch up with friends who love TZ like Nicole, the Warrens, and see the two Bills!  Also enjoyed making new friends, especially KiNoah and Ariana!  Can't wait to have them all come to Mwanza so I can show them some Southern hospitality....TZ style!

Roadside snow up to my waist in British Columbia, Canada
From Oregon, I rode the Amtrak Cascades farther north to British Columbia, Canada to spend time with those who financially support the orphans in our program.  Jake and Jeanne Janzen and Ken and Jan Martens run The Mwanza Project and raise support for the 55 orphans in our program.  I was privileged to speak to both their small groups and a dear couple who financially support the project.  I also spoke to Gifts for Grandmothers, a group of ladies who sew beautiful purses and use the proceeds to support ministries around the world, including sending some of our children to school!

And now back to 'what God wants me to do'...
It turns out, He did not want me to go with an organization or start my own non-profit organization here or in TZ.  Instead, my awesome church, First Baptist Church of West Monroe, LA, is commissioning my ministry directly!  That means that my supporters can send tax-free contributions directly to the church mission fund via "Transform Tanzania" for my ministry!

So, like I said, I am on GO!  I have resigned from my job in order to give 100%  to raising my support--do you want more information or to set up an appointment to meet?  Please pray about partnering with me to make my ministry OUR ministry!  If you believe that God is leading you to contribute in order to partner with me in my ministry, please let me know! Contact me on Facebook or at! So excited about how God will work all of this out for me to leave the US headed back to Mwanza on

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