Saturday, May 28, 2022



Dear family, friends, donors and ministry partners,                                                               May 28, 2022

 I’m writing to inform you that I’ve made some huge changes to myministryfamilylife. No, I can’t separate those WORDS; they are one and the same to me: God and my service to Him, then family and then others. This past year all of mine were scattered in both hemispheres, multiple countries, many cities--including 2 that were here in the USA a few months, Frank and Ezra.  It was an extremely difficult transition for us and while they were still here, my parents were both hospitalized multiple times. The returned to Tanzania early as I stayed on to continue helping my parents. My parents are now doing well in my brother’s care as they await their next steps. Thank you for faithfully praying for all myministryfamilylife around the world. Please continue to pray—and know we never stop praying for you! 

 As you can imagine, all of this took a toll on my health and I became exhausted physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. But GOD is faithful! I plan to return to Tanzania soon, but this week I am taking time to heal, rest, listen and seek His Face as I contemplate my next steps. As He promised, this has been the hardest but best year of my life so far; He has never been CLOSER to me and I to HIM and I have never had a more fruitful ministry!  I just can’t stop sharing what He has done and is doing in my life! And YOU are each a part of—partners--in that: together we have furthered God’s Kingdom in more ways than we will ever know on this earth! I cannot thank you enough because I don’t have the right WORDS! But I know God does, can and will bless you and yourfamiylministrylife, also!! Now for the changes:

 I am no longer a missionary with Willing to Go, Inc. so please STOP ALL DONATIONS to them immediately, including the Bibles Fund. Any donations received by them after June 9th, 2022 (6/9/2022) will not be given to me but will go into their general ministry fund.  To end donations:

--credit card/Moonclerk: reply to the last email receipt you received that you wish stop further donations

--bank drafts: contact your bank

--PayPal: log into PayPal and end giving.

If you have any problems, contact

 I am no longer be a missionary under First West and will no longer be receiving funding from them. As usual, please do not send donations to me through First West. 

 I will continue to receive financial support through the end of 2022 as I transition into new areas of service. If He is leading you to continue giving, know that any donations given to me will no longer be tax-deductible for you. To continue giving

--send a check/money order to Kay Frost, PO Box 770, West Monroe, LA 71294

--give paperlessly through Paypal: @kayintz or Venmo: kayintz.

Again, I don’t have the WORDS to express how well God has cared for me during this time.  Nor do I have the WORDS to express my gratitude for your love, prayers and grace as I transition into the future of myministryfamilylife. Just like His WORD says, before He created me He called me to serve Him with my whole being. Even at my lowest points this year, NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCES, THE LORD CARRIES ME AS I DO MY BEST TO SERVE HIM AND I AM ALWAYS ON MISSION FOR JESUS to whoever, with whomever, wherever and however He leads!  I can’t wait to see what’s next and I can hardly wait to share with you what God will do next in myministryfamilylife. Keep up with me online @kayintz!

With much love in His service, 


Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Sunday School Teachers, Snakes & Shingles!!

What a title! What a life! Nothing keeps me down for long because GOD is FAITHFUL to PROTECT, CARE and PROVIDE for me!  And I’m so grateful He uses YOU to help! Thanks for continuing to pray and give to my ministry in Arusha, Tanzania. This year, my ministry partners and I have trained Sunday School teachers from 20 churches and we have 20-30 more to go before I head to LA in November! PRAY! Here are some stories:  
Sinyati, pretending to be 'stuck in the tree(chair)'
May: My TZ ministry partners, Sarah Samweli and Elisifa Zakayo, and I trained teachers in Arusha. Many were students from last year and were a great group.  Their favorite part is practice teaching—when their friends teach and they pretend to be kids—VERY NAUGHTY KIDS!!  Here is a video of Sinyati, in red, as a kid pretending to be Zaccheus but stuck in the ‘tree’—a chair! You dont need to know Swahili to understand this!  And yes, with that kind of creative spirit, she’s a great teacher! Go to my Facebook page (you don’t have to be on Facebook) for more pics and videos.
Just a harmless little snake....
            We also taught in Longido, a centralized town of the Masai tribe. I had my first outbreak of shingles (felt like I had been kicked by a horse! OUCH!) And a snake on my doorstep the last morning of training was a harmless surprise! For you snake people, it's an Olive House Snake, non-venomous! What a crazy week!  Sarah and Elisifa got sick, too--Elisifa's lips swelled for no apparent reason and Sarah got a type of flu! but God enabled us to teach right through it all! Spiritual warfare—TZ style! We had 15 students from 10 Longido churches: the FIRST EVER training for these children’s workers! Here's a video of Sarah teaching a song she wrote about “The Loaves and the Fishes”
Sarah teaching her Loaves and Fishes song

Mwandeti Children's Choir and their teacher, Lazaro
June: On the 21st, we had a Baptist Children’s Day Celebration: our Arusha teachers brought their kids to sing, share memory verses and lessons, perform Bible Story skits, recite the history of Baptists in TZ and learn about Jesus.  Remember Lazaro, the teacher from Mwandeti Baptist? Here’s a pic of him and his Children’s Choir. 
Huge answer to prayer: The Chairman of the Baptist Convention of TZ asked me to train the teachers, elders and leaders of his church in Children’s Ministry. He is burdened by the lack of priority kids have in TZ and wants as many people as possible trained in his church and around the country! What an opportunity! We had 21 attend, including him! I also spoke at their Children’s Day Prayer service. I will continue to go and train them!  

Our BCT chairman sharing his heart for KIDS!
Elisifa my Masai co-teacher
August: Elisifa and I returned to Longido to continue training teachers there. Fewer attended than in May; the spiritual battle for the kids of Longido continues! This year, the rainy season was not only late but very short, creating drought conditions. Livestock (the Masai are herders) are dying and crops dried up before harvest time.  PRAY FOR LONGIDO! We will continue training these teachers! See pic of Elisifa teaching, holding a Swahili book of Children’s Bible Stories.
Family pic at Easter!
Personal blessings:  This year, I was able to see some of my kids that I haven’t seen for years!  In March, Veronica came home for her birthday then was off to her new job 12 hours away! At Easter, Respiquce and his family, plus Paschal and Jackie, came to visit. It was great catching up on almost 3 years!  Respiquce, a primary teacher, is starting university (by special request of his school board!) in September. He and Prisca have 2 boys, Prince and Prosper.  Paschal, a secondary teacher, is getting married this week!! 
Frank enjoying Pizza Hut!
In May, he brought Frank, studying Community Development, and Kelvin, starting junior college (pre-university) to visit on the way to Kelvin’s new school. These boys helped with my kids’ daily Bible studies in Mwanza. We had FUN making up for 3 years with cake, ice cream, Pizza Hut(yes, Pizza Hut!) and their first theatre movie! In July, I went to Tanga—10 hours
Kelvin has gotten SO TALL!!!!
away—to bring Jackie HOME TO ARUSHA to a new job only 45 minutes away! Great to have her so close after 6 years apart! Go to and type in any of these kids’ names to see more pics and videos of God’s work in them! They’ve overcome much and made me a blessed Mama, Auntie and Bibi (grandma)! 

Coming up:  This month, we’re going to the central Masai villages of Engarenaibor and Ketumbeine to train teachers.  At each center, 10-15 churches will be invited to send 2 teachers each.  None have ever been trained, had much school or are able to read. We’ll be ‘roughing it in the bush’ for a week each, teaching in Masai (Elisifa will translate my Swahili)! Pray for good health and good attendance for ALL—no shingles or snakes, either! PRAY we can provide the teachers with some skills they can really use. We hope to help them build a foundation of God’s Word in the heart of every kid in their churches!

Thank you again for faithfully praying for my ministry and for giving so generously! God used YOU to make ALL this happen! All the teachers, their churches and kids, plus my kids and I thank you so much, too! 
God bless you!  Kay Frost                                  Click here to give through Willing to Go

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

#AdventuresinArusha & #AdventuresoutsideArusha

Hope this finds you doing well! God is FAITHFUL, as are so many of YOU, to get my budget to 100% so I could come back to Tanzania and get to WORK!  I arrived in May and hit the ground (and the roads) right away! I have been all over the country teaching kids and training Sunday School teachers! 
 For more pictures and videos of the stories below and others, click here: Transform Tanzania Facebook page You do NOT have to be on Facebook to look at the page and see the pics and videos! But if you are, be sure to ‘like’ and ‘follow’ the page to get the updates as they happen!
So here's what I've been up to:
This video is of the kids at Mwandeti Baptist Church reciting the 6 characteristics of God
May: My ministry partner, Sarah Samweli, and I taught kids at Mwandeti Baptist Church.  We had fun teaching the 6 characteristics of God and how to search for them in every Bible story.  We also taught a song, complete with motions, to remember it! There were at least 150 kids that day—A LOT!  Most churches are smaller and have less than that, but their head teacher, Lazaro, is great with them! Sarah and I taught in Swahili; then he translated into the Masai language since many of the kids haven’t been to school and don’t know Swahili!  The 'building' were are in used to be the church but is now the Sunday School room.  They built a big nice concrete church to worship in!  For For more pics and videos of Mwandeti click here
Teaching at Mwandeti with Lazaro
June: I accompanied some volunteers from the USA who came to work with my friends, Michael and Juliette Nhonya. We visited a school in Arusha, where I translated for one of the volunteers.
Teaching with Aaron from NC at the school
Then went to Longido village to visit a new Masai Baptist church there—so new it’s still under a tree! It was awesome and I can’t wait to go back and teach their Sunday School teachers!
The next day we went waaaaaaaaay out to Tukusi village to meet with a Masai ladies group. Tukusi is way out in the bush; we crossed 4 or 5 dry river beds to get there! We weren’t sure we were going to make it, but they were happy to see us finally (only took us 4 hours) arrive! Loved hearing the ladies sing!  Click here to hear them singing!

Church under the tree in Longido
Women and children of Longido

Young Tukusi woman leading worship
July: I drove to Morogoro district, Tunguli village, to do a weekend women’s seminar with the Nhonyas. They are both from this village and it was fun meeting their families!
Tunguli kids and me: look at those smiles!!!
It was a LONG way (10 hrs to town then 4 more hours to the village!) It was bush living and eating that weekend as we taught women and kids during the day and Michael showed evangelistic movies at night!  Click here for Video of Tunguli kids singing
August: I drove to Tanga (10 hrs) on the coast of the Indian Ocean, to teach my very first Sunday School Teachers Training: 25 ladies attended representing 8 churches. We had 2 days of training where they learned how to teach God’s Word to their kids and received a book with a whole YEAR of lessons! Pray for these churches, teachers and their kids!  
Me and my students in Tanga
September: Just completed my second Sunday School Teachers Training here in Arusha; Sarah helped me teach 17 men and women from 10 local churches.  Even Lazaro from Mwandeti attended! Pray for these churches, teachers and their kids!        
Arusha teachers with their new teacher's Sunday School books
October: Sarah and I will go to Dodoma (7 hrs) to the East African Baptist Women’s Union Meeting. We will see women from multiple countries and I hope to get the chance to share about children’s ministry. Sarah has asked me to translate when she speaks, so maybe I WILL get the chance! Please pray for that trip and all the attendees! We hope to do one more teachers training before I return to the USA in November to spend the holidays with my family! Please pray for that training (probably in Longido).  
Sarah and I outside her house
Also, please pray that my Tanzanian immigration documents arrive before I need to leave! They are already overdue! That's always a nailbiter, every 2 years!!  
          Thank you for so faithfully praying for my ministry and for giving generously!  YOU funded ALL these trainings:  the gas for me to go, the food and board for me and all the participants, and you even the materials provided—a whole year’s worth! All the teachers thank you, their churches and kids thank you and so do I!  God bless you!   
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