Saturday, May 28, 2022



Dear family, friends, donors and ministry partners,                                                               May 28, 2022

 I’m writing to inform you that I’ve made some huge changes to myministryfamilylife. No, I can’t separate those WORDS; they are one and the same to me: God and my service to Him, then family and then others. This past year all of mine were scattered in both hemispheres, multiple countries, many cities--including 2 that were here in the USA a few months, Frank and Ezra.  It was an extremely difficult transition for us and while they were still here, my parents were both hospitalized multiple times. The returned to Tanzania early as I stayed on to continue helping my parents. My parents are now doing well in my brother’s care as they await their next steps. Thank you for faithfully praying for all myministryfamilylife around the world. Please continue to pray—and know we never stop praying for you! 

 As you can imagine, all of this took a toll on my health and I became exhausted physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. But GOD is faithful! I plan to return to Tanzania soon, but this week I am taking time to heal, rest, listen and seek His Face as I contemplate my next steps. As He promised, this has been the hardest but best year of my life so far; He has never been CLOSER to me and I to HIM and I have never had a more fruitful ministry!  I just can’t stop sharing what He has done and is doing in my life! And YOU are each a part of—partners--in that: together we have furthered God’s Kingdom in more ways than we will ever know on this earth! I cannot thank you enough because I don’t have the right WORDS! But I know God does, can and will bless you and yourfamiylministrylife, also!! Now for the changes:

 I am no longer a missionary with Willing to Go, Inc. so please STOP ALL DONATIONS to them immediately, including the Bibles Fund. Any donations received by them after June 9th, 2022 (6/9/2022) will not be given to me but will go into their general ministry fund.  To end donations:

--credit card/Moonclerk: reply to the last email receipt you received that you wish stop further donations

--bank drafts: contact your bank

--PayPal: log into PayPal and end giving.

If you have any problems, contact

 I am no longer be a missionary under First West and will no longer be receiving funding from them. As usual, please do not send donations to me through First West. 

 I will continue to receive financial support through the end of 2022 as I transition into new areas of service. If He is leading you to continue giving, know that any donations given to me will no longer be tax-deductible for you. To continue giving

--send a check/money order to Kay Frost, PO Box 770, West Monroe, LA 71294

--give paperlessly through Paypal: @kayintz or Venmo: kayintz.

Again, I don’t have the WORDS to express how well God has cared for me during this time.  Nor do I have the WORDS to express my gratitude for your love, prayers and grace as I transition into the future of myministryfamilylife. Just like His WORD says, before He created me He called me to serve Him with my whole being. Even at my lowest points this year, NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCES, THE LORD CARRIES ME AS I DO MY BEST TO SERVE HIM AND I AM ALWAYS ON MISSION FOR JESUS to whoever, with whomever, wherever and however He leads!  I can’t wait to see what’s next and I can hardly wait to share with you what God will do next in myministryfamilylife. Keep up with me online @kayintz!

With much love in His service, 


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