Wednesday, July 17, 2013

One Month in Mwanza July 2013

I have now been in Mwanza, Tanzania for one month, but it certainly seems like I have been here much longer!  In a good way!  Things move at so much more slowly a pace here so one day seems like two!  Here are a few of the things that I have accomplished thus far:

Visiting Living Waters School; Jeanne, Jan and Me
1.  Welcomed our friends from Canada when they came to visit our kids June 14-24. Translated, answered questions and hiked the mountains visiting our kids and their caregivers (like I did last December). Watch for a link to their newsletter coming soon on my “Transform Tanzania” Facebook page or here!!  

2.    Got well-acquainted with traveling in local ‘mini-van’ buses with seats for 12 (but that’s only a suggestion—you can really fit at least 25!). Always began with a 10-minute walk in the dust to the bus stop, then off of one bus and onto the next one—for an almost two hour ride to church or anywhere else! Adventure is just not a strong enough word!! Feet are always so pretty when I get home!

Dusty roads=dirty feet!
I prefer to ride in the "Jesus" bus!
3.    Bought a phone that broke after 3 days-took another 18 to get it fixed.  Including such actions as pestering the seller and repairman daily; receiving 4 different reasons it was broken; getting blamed for breaking it; sitting for hours in the shop waiting to get it back; threats to never buy anything there again from those who recommended the place...but finally I have it and it works!! YAY!
Samsung....still working!

4.    Got a TZ “Driving Licence” (took 2 days and over 8 hours--literally 14 trips around the block, up and down stairs, between 5 places carrying my little papers; “formalities” they said)! Louisiana DMV—way too easy!
I'm legal!! At least to drive!!

5.  Moved from the little ‘guesthouse’ made from a shipping container into my house for the next 10 months. YAY!  And took a week to start stocking it by traveling all over town, looking for food and household supplies—always an adventure, I mean who doesn’t love shopping and haggling over the price of EVERY SINGLE THING? Market shopping in Africa!!
View from my living room
Neighbors taking baths, washing clothes

Entering the Market--do YOU see a parking place?
Rehema and Me
 6.    Turned in the paperwork to the TZ Immigration Office for my Residence Permit…still waiting for a letter stating that it has been accepted and that I have permission to work until it comes.  They said I will get it this week, so I hope so!!  There is a $600 fine without it, so I think I will wait!! Going to church and getting to know our kids, though and got to teach Sunday School last week! Not visiting the homes quite yet—please pray I get that permission letter very soon!! This is one of our new kids, Rehema; it means “Mercy”—isn’t she sweet!?! 

7.    Got my rental Toyota Rav 4 and re-learned to drive on the other side of the car and the other side of the road (British style)! Keep the wheel in the center of the road, watch for crazy drivers and people all over the road and nobody gets hurt—pray, pray, pray!
Toyota Rav 4--with steering wheel on the right!

Jackie, Respiquce and Paschal having Mexican! 

 8.    And certainly spent much time feeding, having fun with and getting fully reacquainted with my kids Jackie, Veronica, Respiquce and Paschal.  Veronica is in Engineering College an hour away, so we only get to see her on weekends.  Respiquce left today to return to Teacher’s College.  Jackie is praying about which courses to take in the local Nursing College in September: pharmacy, doctor’s assistant or midwifery. Paschal is waiting to see what university he will get accepted to for Law School (College and university are not the same thing here; colleges are vocational/technical and only universities award degrees). 
Me, Veronica and Jackie

So, that’s some of what I’ve been doing! What an encouragement to me to be able to see the FRUIT of my first 6 years in Tanzania through these incredible young people! What an overwhelming blessing! Especially Jackie; she was devastated when she failed her exams and now can’t go to Medical School this Fall.  She is so smart--it must be God’s plan that she do Nursing College instead--but she is taking it hard so I am doing my best to encourage and disciple her through it.  How blessed I am to be available for her right now when she needs me the most!  God’s timing is always perfect and He really does work ALL things together for GOOD!!!!

 Know that the kids and I are praying for you, too!  We are so grateful to those of you who are continuing to support my ministry financially! I simply would not be here without you!  If you are not a financial supporter but believe God is leading you to become one, please let me know! I will send you the information that you and FirstWest (First Baptist Church, West Monroe) need to ensure that your contribution is tax deductible (electronic funds transfer/automatic withdrawal is also available). 

Thank you!! God bless you and your families!!  And come see what God is doing in Mwanza to Transform Tanzania!! Much love, Kay & The Kids

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