Wednesday, November 14, 2012


For a visit that is! I can't wait and I am so excited to finally have my plane ticket!!  I have been looking at ticket prices for months and thanks to Jane Gunn at The Travel Company--I got a great rate!  It was a test of faith for sure in waiting to get it so close to the date of my trip--but God is so good and faithful!  I will leave Monroe on December 12 in the evening.  From there I will go to Atlanta and then spend the night on the trip to London.  The evening of the 13th (7 hour layover in London) I will board plane number three for Nairobi.  I will arrive in Nairobi early in the morning of the 14th--just in time for some tea at the Java House in the airport, then I will board plane number 4 and arrive in Mwanza before noon! It's only 9,188 miles away!  And the time in the air will be 20 hours in flight. I will leave on December 26th and arrive in Monroe on December 27th--Tanzania is 8 hours ahead so it doesn't take as long to return on paper...but it takes a few hours longer in reality going against the Jet Stream...

I am working on my accommodations now; I am hoping to be able to stay at Living Waters School where some of the kids attend.  Many of them live close by, so I would really like to stay there in order to visit some of them in their homes while I am there!  Please pray that works out and if not, I will find another inexpensive place to stay!  The It looks like an incredible ministry and a sure dream of what I would love to be doing one day myself!  Please go and check them out at