Friday, October 19, 2012

Safari means Journey in Swahili

I left Tanzania 3 years, 3 months and 3 days ago today! I am starting this blog to share my SAFARI to return to Tanzania with you!  It is about my journey to return to Mwanza (the background picture), on Lake Victoria, to serve widows and orphans there.  

I first moved to Tanzania in 2004; I lived in the village of Biharmulo and worked with local pastors and churches and also had a Backyard Bible Club.  I would say that my favorite time there was definitely the time I spent with the kids!  To the left is a pic of me and some of my kids in the village.

After living in the village for a year and a half, I moved to the city of Mwanza and taught at Mwanza Baptist Secondary School.  It was there that I taught English and met Nelson Penford, a teacher and a Baptist youth leader at Nyanza Baptist Church. To the right is a pic of Nelson, his wife, Anna, and their son, Penford. 

As a teacher, I met met many students who became very special to me--including my two 'adopted' girls, Jackie and Veronica!  And my two boys, Respiquce and Paschal. This pic is of me and some of my students; Jackie is blessing me with a big kiss!

All of them have been praying for my return for 7 years now!
Nelson has been asking me to return to help him and Nyanza Baptist Church with the 50+orphans and widows that they minister to there.
They have been receiving support from some very committed Christians in Canada. To the right is a picture of three children who are being cared for through this ministry.

Yet they are also in need of someone to come alongside them to encourage them and help them with the special needs of these vulnerable children.  Who better than an experienced family counselor and social worker who knows the culture and language? Who better than a single lady who loves Tanzania and her people, especially her children? ME!!

I can't wait to see what God will do: all the things He has worked out, is working out and will work out to make His perfect will--and my dream--a reality once more!   
I am planning to go for a short 'vision and planning' trip in December so please pray all the details for that will come together! More to come!!  Prayers appreciated! 


  1. I will be praying with you concerning this. I hope that we will get to be with you again soon. Our home is always open to you. Love you